Music Emotion features one of our award-winning Art Series products in its April 2022 issue.

Special thanks to Jan Willem Voogd for being so insightful in his review of Crystal's Art Series Monet RCA interconnect cable!

“By introducing the Art Series, CrystalConnect - by Crystal Cable has pushed boundaries in audiophile quality, which will hardly be matched, let alone surpassed, by others.”

“I think that serious professional musicians worldwide, who often invest a lot in top-class musical instruments and audio installations, will become regular customers of this Art Series. However, the same applies to the hi-fi enthusiasts among us. The Monet interconnect is an investment that you can enjoy for decades. And, of course, knowing that you have one of the very best audio cables in the world, as a hi-fi component, which is probably unbeatable.”

“The Monet belongs, as mentioned, to the entry-level in the Art Series. Then, one wonders how on earth the Van Gogh and Da Vinci cables should be placed one or two levels higher if the Monet cables are already performing so well? Well, the answer lies with the Masters Monet, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci themselves. Every painter has pieces in their oeuvre that go far beyond their own top and are highly sought after by a select audience. And the same applies to CrystalConnect - by Crystal Cable.”

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