Dutch hifi reviewer Max Delissen recently tested Crystal Cable Portable's Duet series and concluded:

"The Hi-Fi journalists lot in life is that you simply can't listen to everything on the market. Which prevents you from reaching the final conclusions. So all I can say is that the Crystal Cable Portable is the best series of headphone cables that I have actually listened to. On a personal note, however, I would like to add that I fnd it most unlikely that there is something better to be found. These cables aren't cheap, but with a good pair of headphones they are simply sensational. The improvement from the Crystal Cable Portable Dream Duet is quite addictive, once you figure it out. And when you have heard and understood its beauty, it will be very hard to return to a 'lesser' cable, unless that's a Duet or a Double Duet - if you don't mind using the latter on an IEM as well. "

You'll find the complete review, in both Dutch and English, here: www.artsexcellence.com



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