Many thanks to Jonathan Valin for the beautiful, insightful – and poetic – review on the Da Vinci cable loom from CrystalConnect – by Crystal Cable. –  Gabi Rynveld, Founder Crystal Cable

“Everything about the Art Series Da Vinci is intended to prevent signals from being blocked, altered, or delayed by material, mechanical, or electrical interactions; everything about their design and construction is intended to improve fidelity to the source. How well does this material and topological science work, and how much do the better test results that result from their application - the two-three times lower noise, the twice as low impedance, the much more faithfully tracked impulse speed and shape - contribute to higher fidelity? The answer is “a lot”.”

“Beyond reducing noise, the Da Vinci also seems to be delivering signals in better “time alignment”.

"I could go on (and on) with musical examples of Da Vinci's excellence, but the bottom line would remain the same. Edwin and Gabi's new cables, interconnect, and power cords are simply better than other wires I've heard - closer to the sound of the real thing, when the source permits. They are also ergonomic delights that do not burden you, your components' connectors, or your wall or conditioner sockets with unnecessary weight or added grounding/ voicing wires and connections.”

“Whether it is a genuine step-change or “just” a substantial audible improvement in the fidelity of the wiring we all must live with… Da Vinci sets a new reference standard.”

CrystalConnect – by Crystal Cable Art Series Da Vinci Speaker Cable, Interconnect, and Power Cable. Step Change.

by Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, April 2022

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