Positive Feedback magazine published one of the finest reviews yet for the Art Series Monet cords from Crystal Cable. Many thanks to Marshall Nack for taking the time to audition the Monet power cables and share his valuable insight!

Here are several excerpts from his article. Full review available at positivefeedback.com

When the Monet power cables from Crystal Cable were offered for review, first thing I went online for a look-see. The photos suggested asmarted down cable with no surplus parts, nothing more than the elemental hardware required for the task at hand. The Monet is the thinnest power cables in the new Art series and feature the company's latest generation of pure silver conductors.

A Note about the Packaging

After reviewing Siltech's Crown Princess interconnect last year, I was expecting Crystal Cable to have similar packaging, since they are sister companies. Now, instead of an oversize box, I was looking at a quarter-sized one. Nevertheless, the impression was the same. The effort and expense in the well-designed packaging, including a small reproduction of Claude Monet's  Water Lilies  with the warranty card, elicits a smile.

Design and Construction

The most important feature of the Monet power cable (and the Art Series in its entirety) is the introduction of a newly developed silver formulation called Infinite Crystal Silver (iCS). Test bench measurements of iCS reveals higher conductivity and lower distortion levels.

The Art Series Monet Power cables use a Coaxial construction with a Mono X-tal Silver center core which is insulated with a dual Kapton-PTFE layer. The braided screen consists of 2 layers: the first is our latest generation proprietary Silver-Gold alloy and the second one is Mono X-tal Silver. The Ground connection is made through a Silver Plated Copper braided screen.

This construction makes for a quite flexible cable [...].


“All materials have a characteristic sound and objects sound like what they are made from. Generally, that principle is reliable, especially so regarding audiophile gear… but not in this case. Based purely on its svelte looks and the fact that it employs pure silver conductors, I made assumptions about the Monet Power Cord from Crystal Cable. I was dead wrong.

The Monet defined the silver stereotype. The lower-midrange and bass bands are well represented, even slightly favored. Secondly, images are endowed with healthy amounts of body and far from being model-slim. Third, the tonal temperature springs slightly to the warm side. About the only things that did conform to the silver stereotype were the sweet timbres and musicality. Placing the Monet on the often used analytic/musical metric, it would land to the musical side.

Audiophiles are always chasing the twin muses of resolution and musicality. One doesn't readily encounter strong performance in both from a single product. The Monet Power Cable gives you the whole package and delivers a performance that would easily hold its own in a field of competitors [...].

Clearly, Crystal Cable has a winner in the Monet Power Cable. It leaves me wondering, how would that new silver formulation work out for speaker cables and interconnects? Minimalism has a definite appeal for me.” – Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

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