2022 Crystal Cable Future Dream 22 Cables reviewed by SoundStage! Australia

We are glad and grateful to share an excellent Future Dream 22 review coming from SoundStage! Australia. Warm thanks to Edgar Kramer one of the highly regarded professionals in the high-end audio industry!

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“The mind's eye can be a deceptive little psycho-trickster. Rightly or wrongly, and often inaccurately, we often tend to call preconceptions, bestow attributes and make judgments as a result of interpretations based on optic data and casual analysis. It can be a deception. We're prone to misconstruct observations and often our emotions lead us into jumping to conclusions. It applies to everything. So, upon a casual visual inspection of Crystal Cable's svelte new Future Dream 22 cables, the trickster's crafty little voice may start its whispers… “These wiry little cables can't possibly be bass-full and dynamic…” Man, that conjurer can be so, so wrong.”


“The Crystal Cable Future Dream 22 is the latest iteration of the highly-acclaimed line. It celebrates 2022, the year which may have  finally  brought some form of quasi-normality after the virus-related mayhem the world has endured since early 2020. The original limited edition Future Dream celebrated the company's 15-year Anniversary back in 2019 [.. .]”


“The new Future Dream 22 (FD22 for short) now sits at the mid-point of Crystal Cable's product offerings between the entry-point 'Diamond' series and the spare-no-expense flagship 'Art' series. FD22 features Crystal Cables' latest two-core concoction of monocrystal silver conductors with a proprietary dual-layer silver-gold alloy and “Infinite Silver” shielding. The dual-coaxial configuration is insulated with Kapton and Teflon. The configuration, materials and construction is consistent across the interconnecting, AC power and loudspeaker cables. My loom included balanced interconnects, silver spade-fitted loudspeaker cables and Australian plug AC power cords. sweet.

In a unique value-add feature, Crystal Cable attaches a small NFC-enabled tag to all its FD22 cables which, in conjunction with the free Crystal Cable app allows product authentication and registration as well as providing feature information and details. [...]”


Having a full loom of Crystal Cables' Future Dream 22 provided undeniable evidence of the cable line's music-making powers. The company's deep knowledge of metallurgy and the resultant proprietary conductor composites puts it ahead of many competitors on that basis alone. Further, engineering savvy has led to bespoke cable topologies and construction.

The entire suite of technologies and manufacturing techniques has been applied in order to maximize sonic performance, longevity, ease of use (flexibility) and overall product quality. Plus the cables  do  look good and are all immaculately constructed in-house in Elst, The Netherlands.

So, set aside preconceived psycho-misconceptions. Crystal Cable's elegant and svelte cable line is a powerhouse in disguise. And you'll be smiling while hooking-up the rig… yes, python-thick cables beware.

Do not make a purchasing decison on cables at this price point without hearing Future Dream 22. If you value refined clarity and detail without brashness, good dynamics, precise tonal balance and a solid low-end, these are the cables for your dreams of the future.

Edgar Kramer, soundstageaustralia.com







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