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Review Highlights

Optimized single crystal silver iCS

"The Art Series cables come under three levels named after famous artists: da Vinci, van Gogh, and Monet. The wire structure is all coaxial. Their design is not different from other Crystal Cable products, but the conductors use higher-grade iCS ( Infinite Crystal Silver) single crystal silver. In the past, Crystal Cable evolved from Diamond's gold-silver alloy conductors to Dream Series' single crystal silver (Monocrystal Silver), which is also a kind of single crystal silver. process, making the speed slower , making the diameter of the silver crystal larger and longer, and considerably reducing the contact point of the silver crystal.

 Conclusion _

“The Monet power cord is the entry-level power cord in the Art Series model but also has the pedigree of the flagship da Vinci. It adopts the structure of the iCS single crystal silver conductor and Triax three-core coaxial cable. Still, the conductor weight is lighter. This cable has a distinct personality and makes people's sense of hearing shine." 

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