Thanks to Audio Art for featuring one of our award-winning Minissimo loudspeakers in its 405th issue (June 2022)

“Although Crystal Cable from the Netherlands has Hi-End audio cables as its main product, they came up with the idea of Arabesque speakers as early as 2008. The shape of the box resembling a large "comma" can completely eliminate the interference of standing waves inside the box without using any in-box sound absorption damping. The distinctive shape - reducing the cabinet's resonance and improving the spread of sound waves - is a major breakthrough in speaker design. It is named Arabesque because the cloud-like shape resembles a traditional Arabian ornament.”

“Did you know? The COMSOL simulation software used by Crystal was originally a high-end technology used by large companies such as NASA and BMW. It is a simple test to design speakers. It is no wonder that Minissimo Diamond is not only beautiful but also amazingly high in technology. If you think the low frequency is limited, the factory also has an exclusive Subbissimo subwoofer to match, which is definitely worthy of your appreciation.”

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