The Absolute Sound's latest issue features the magazine's 2021 Editors' Choice awards, and several Crystal Cable products are among them!


Crystal Cable Micro Diamond  Interconnect and Speaker Cable

Clean, composed, and transparent, the jewel-like Crystal Cable Micro Diamond cables offer an open sound-stage where images snap into focus and music is conveyed with a turbine-like smoothness. Even some softness in the bass and a bit of forwardness in the treble don't diminish one of the most transparent cables NG has heard. Unique splitter rings allows easy change-out of terminations or bi-wire upgrades. NC, 164


Crystal Cable Dream Duet  Portable Cable

For those with state-of-the-art personal listening gear, the ultra-thin and light Crystal Cable Dream Duet makes a perfect complement. The shimmering strand oozes quality and, as the name implies, crystal-clear sound. It allows volumes of timbral, rhythmic, and spatial information to flow through it. Decays seem to go on forever, and bass notes are taut. Crystal Cable's Dream Duet will show you just how much you've been missing from your favorite set of headphones. AT, 263 


Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Power Cord

Power cables are among the hardest products to review in that they take time to "break-in" and, sonically, do not always progress in a straight line. Absolute Dream is such a one. After a couple of weeks of use, it rounded into form, filling out in the lower mids and upper bass and developing considerable wallop in the mid-to-low bass. Delicate, detailed, powerful, spacious, and transparent. JV, 229 


Crystal Cable Ultimate Dream Power Cord

Like its Ultimate Dream brethren, this light, supple, gorgeous-looking, silver-plated gold power cord is a colorless conduit of musical information, without any of the usual top-down / bottom-up tonal biases of its competitors. Pricey, but worth it for those with mega-systems and bottomless pocketbooks. JV 


Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo Loudspeakers

Replace whatever loudspeakers you've been using with a pair of two-way Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimos or Minissimo Diamonds (which look identical but come with a superior diamond tweeter and other perks), and people will notice - before they've heard a note of music. The whimsical apostrophe shape, the vibrant color, the assured smallness of the things stop folks in their tracks and make them smile. Sonically, the Minissimos are superb everywhere but the low bass (which is to be expected in a two-way). When it comes to imaging and soundstage, they disappear, creating a broad, deep, and continuous soundstage. A superior and stylish little transducer. AQ, 256/JM, JV, 273


Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Interconnect and Speaker Cable

Dead-quiet even on analogue sources, extremely detailed, rich in tone color, and very lifelike on dynamics top to bottom, with superb staging and imaging and unusually high transparency to sources, Crystal Cable's Absolute Dream is JV's current reference. Simply phenomenal resolution. JV, 229 


Crystal Cable Ultimate Dream  Interconnect and Speaker Cable

At its price, you would think this interconnect and cable— the fruit of Crystal Cable's Gabi Rijnveld world-class musical and aesthetic sensibility and her husband's, Siltech's Edwin Rijnveld's, world-class engineering chops - would have all the understated grace and pliancy of a bar or solid gold. But, no, Ultimate Dream turns out to be elegantly demure, lightweight, and eminently supple. Yes, with the precious metals (gold-plated monocrystal silver, silver-plated monocrystal copper) it is made of gleaming through its transparent jacket, Ultimate Dream looks (let's face it) like audiophile jewelery. But it's sound! This is the smoothest, quietest, least obtrusive customer JV has had in his system. Of course, signatures on a credit card receipt is gonna be a neat trick for importer Wynn Audio. Nevertheless (and all practicalities aside), this is mighty fine stuff, replacing Absolute Dream at the top of the heap (or jewelery case).

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