The famous German Hi-Fi magazine STEREO  auditioned our entire Reference Diamond  loom. We are pleased to share this genuine and comprehensive review published in 2021, 10th issue.

Thank you, greatly appreciated!

“Know-how and unusual materials characterize the standalone Reference Diamond line from Crystal Cable. They appear thin only to the eye.

The gods of hi-fi tend to put patience before pleasure. This is especially true concerning these cables from the Dutch manufacturer Crystal Cable, rooted in the Siltech brand – which has a great reputation among high-end enthusiasts. The need for patience stems from the fact that they are said to get better and better with a growing operating time. That's at least what Gabi Rynveld, a concert pianist with golden ears and an understanding of technology, claims, having started the CrystalConnect project about 20 years ago.

As far as the first one hundred hours are concerned, we can indeed confirm her statement. Straight out of the box, the extremely thin and highly flexible cables, shimmering silvery, and protected under an insulating, transparent Teflon skin, only hint at their incredible potential, at best. They initially sound slightly brittle, over-present, and dry. Flair, swing, and grandeur are missing. Anyone who disappointedly repacks the expensive cables and returns them to the dealer is making a huge mistake, though. […]

After a mostly complete play-in period – according to the manufacturer, they constantly get better, even after years – the Crystal Cables unleashed fireworks in the listening room. As restrained as my enthusiasm was at first, I am now even more convinced: These are hot cable tips for the finest of systems. How do I arrive at this conclusion? Keep on reading!”

Matthias Bode, stereo.de

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