Early October, Yinyue Audio - a famous headphone store in Taipei - combined Sennheiser and CrystalConnect – by Crystal Cable to hold the highest-level headphone audition event. 

The protagonist is Sennheiser HE1, the most expensive headphone system. The cables are part of the Art Series range from CrystalConnect - by Crystal Cable in the Netherlands (represented by Very Music). Power cords, signal cables, network cables, coupled with PlayBack Design's flagship Dream MPD-8 DAC - each part contributes to an outstanding headset system.

"I asked Music Hifi about the difference between the Crystal Art Series and the other top-level cables under test. They replied that CrystalConnect is particularly outstanding in resolution, and the sound is particularly fine and transparent. The advantages are significant, and there is no dryness or sharpness. It is a top-notch silver cable. The background of the music is kept spotless, and the depth and width of the soundstage allow one to fully enjoy the atmosphere and presence of the entire album. of the piano sound is very pleasing and pure, and the flexibility, resolution, and speed of the low and mid-range frequencies are extremely responsive." - Ted Chen, MY-HiEND  

More about the CrystalConnect Art flagship series:

● Tenth-generation new conductor application – infinite Crystal Silver, iCS single crystal silver conductor

●Coaxial cable structure design

● Kapton, PTFE insulation material

● iCS and silver-plated copper double shield design

● Dutch design and manufacture

● Sound Features: Smooth and natural, moist and bright, with rich details, and both ends extend naturally and openly

Thank you, MY-HiEND @welovehiend for presenting a fascinating and in-depth audition session featuring our Art Series high-end cables. Read the full article here . 

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