We are delighted to share an inspiring and detailed review from Enjoythemusic.com. Thank you for testing our Art Series Monet Network Cable from Crystal Cable!

Crystal Cable Monet Network Ethernet Cable Review
With just a taste of their Diamond network cable as well.

"The Monet network cable uses dual-layer high purity Kapton and PTFE shielding with impedance-matched and fully shielded RJ-45 connectors. I would be remiss if I did not mention that the CrystalConnect cables, all of them, are just beautiful to behold These are truly audiophile jewelry for the eyes and the ears. "

“I typically don't jump to review cables. They fall into three broad categories: worse than what I was using, as good but different than I was using, and clearly better than what I was using. As cable synergy with components and other cables is a critical part of the equation, your opinions may vary widely based on what gear and accessories you are using. But in this case, the Monet easily fell into the third category and is staying in my system. I was unwilling to give up the improvements I heard, and I think most higher-end Digital would enjoy similar results. I must admit, I am champing at the bit to try their Van Gogh USB cable now! Damn this addictive hobby!

As a follow-up, CrystalConnect also sent me the Diamond Network cable, made of their proprietary silver-gold alloy. If the Monet was a 911 Turbo, the Diamond was a Cayman GT4. It gave me 80% of what the Monet did in a luxurious package that probably over-performed its price. If you can't afford the Monet, but want to try an upgraded network cable, go CrystalConnect Diamond and know you did just fine.”

- Dr Matthew Clott,  enjoythemusic.com

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