We are delighted and proud to announce that CrystalConnect - by Crystal Cable has been selected as a winner of the Hi-Fi+ Sound Investment Awards 2021. Thank you, Hi-Fi+! Warmest congratulations on the recent publication of your 200th issue!

Originally known as Crystal Cable, the Netherlands-based company makes high-performance silver/gold stranded and mono-crystal cables, a small but highly prized range of loudspeakers, and a unique integrated amplifier that owes much to one of the best high-end amplifier systems ever (and one hell of a tongue twister); the striking SAGA system of Crystal's sister Siltech.

The brand's products are all underpinned by a combination of good materials science and engineering-led product development, all of which is backed up by extensive listening tests and plenty of feedback from the Crystal 'family'; distributors, dealers, and end-users alike.

The company has championed good cable in personal audio. The personal audio connection is especially innovative because so few 'traditional' high-end companies take personal audio seriously; their loss, Crystal's gain.

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