2021 Hi-Fi+ Magazine reviews Crystal’s Art Series Monet range

Here are a few highlights from the 'CrystalConnect by Crystal Cable Monet review:

If anything, Crystal Cable is the most egalitarian of the top-end cables in that it doesn't impose too strong a character on the sound, yet it brings out the best in very Crystal Cable ways. Monet builds heavily on the strengths of that.

There is a terrific sense of 'musicians in residence' here, with a very real living presence to the musical performance being played. That is something that Absolute Dream did so well and it's something Monet improves upon fairly significantly.

Where Absolute Dream filled a room with sound like it was some kind of magic trick, Monet shifts the goalposts still further and 'disappears' the room.

Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi + 194 

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