FiPlay AV reviews the Ultra Diamond Power Cable .

Some highlights of the review include:

"...the Ultra Diamond power cord gave a clear picture of the drums, cymbals, guitars, piano and bass instruments..."

"Overall, the multiple instruments of different sound frequencies and timbres work together..."

"The soundstage became noticeably larger and less compressed..."

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Power cords we've been exposed to quite a few, but one thing worth mentioning is that many power cords labeled as audiophile are sold with a stout look, which of course does not mean that the conductor is also so stout, but more of a complex internal coating structure, aimed at tightly covering the conductor to insulate it from outside interference (in fact it is impossible to eliminate, only to minimize it). But there's no denying that many audiophiles do pay for the selling points, and the quality of the cable is probably more than half of what is received by ear. The electrical characteristics do have an impact on the sound, and the more direct ones are naturally the material of the conductor, the coating, the soldering process, the choice of plug fittings, and so on.But if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of the wire, the production costs can be prohibitively high. For example, the silver and gold conductors alone can be very expensive, and with the outstanding craftsmanship and patents, the high price of audiophile cables may seem unbelievable to the average person.

However, for the true audiophile, as long as the sound is good enough, you have to be frugal in your pursuit. The latest Ultra Diamond power cable was recently sent to us for review, and it also has the same charm of being an "audio jewel" with its thin cable body.

The Ultra Diamond power cord may not be very sturdy, but don't let that misjudge its sound quality. As we all know, Crystal Cable and Siltech are a "husband and wife" team. Edwin Rijnveld, the former CEO and lead designer of Siltech, joined the company in 1991 and his wife Gabi Rijnveld followed shortly afterwards. The Crystal Cable brand was born out of a unique idea that Edwin Rijnveld had around 2002 when he realized that he could make the cable very thin while maintaining the same performance and energy, and he decided to launch this product under the Siltech brand as a new series. At the time, however, Siltech's global distributors didn't think it was a good idea and didn't think it would be conducive to product promotion.

When it came time to make a choice, Gabi Rijnveld brought her own skills and vision to bear - she took over her husband's idea and set up an independent Crystal Cable brand in 2003 to promote the design. At the same time, she gave herself a year to keep the new brand going if it was up and running within a year, and to figure out what to do if it wasn't popular. The trend in the cable market at the time was for thick, sturdy cables, so many people thought that this slim cable wouldn't work out well. To everyone's surprise, Gabi Rijnveld once again demonstrated her unique design and marketing skills, and in less than a year sold the Crystal Cable brand to 29 countries around the world, further growing the brand to become a strong competitor to her husband's Siltech brand. I'm sure EdwinRijnveld didn't expect this result at the very beginning, right?

As Crystal Cable grew, the Rijnvelds reorganized the company into a group called International Audio Holding, with Siltech and Crystal Cable, each in its own division. At the same time, the R&D departments of the two brands were merged, with Edwin Rijnveld serving as chief designer for both brands. As a result of the increased R&D capabilities, the Crystal Cable brand has been further refined with the introduction of loudspeakers, amplifiers and more.

Elegant appearance and guaranteed reduced distortion

The Ultra Diamond power cord is Crystal Cable's first twisted pair design. In order to maintain the flexibility and elegance that Crystal Cable is known for, the Ultra Diamond power cord chose a twisted design rather than adding its own single-stranded wire, which allows for the use of more unique silver-gold metallurgy technology, in addition to being uncompromisingly flexible. Besides not being "bulky", the most important thing is to further minimize distortion and provide maximum listening pleasure for gamers.

The Ultra Diamond power cable uses standard AC-IEC connector plugs, the male plug is the Wattgate 330RH EVO (rhodium plated) version, while the female plug is the same (rhodium plated) 350RH EVO, while the internal conductors are made of silver and gold alloy, covered with Dupont Kapton insulation, and the outer cover is coated with Teflon to minimize interference reception. As Gabi Rijnveld has explained, this is because Crystal Cable's technology is so advanced and uses so many high-tech materials that even though the cable is so thin, the amount of conductors is no less than that of a stout cable, so the sound quality is still as good as that of a stout cable. This time, however, the Ultra Diamond does not use the usual Furutech NCF series plugs, which naturally makes the cable more affordable.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Crystal Cable, known as "audio jewellery", has attracted a lot of male enthusiasts, even though it is not jewellery, why do so many people still adore the brand and recognize Gabi Rijnveld? As a matter of fact, Gabi Rijnveld is a pianist herself, and has a high level of artistic accomplishment and a love for live music, so when it comes to sound positioning, she undoubtedly chooses to recreate the live listening experience, bringing the audience the passion and enjoyment of music. At the same time, with a woman's unique understanding of beauty, Crystal Cable not only has the highest standards in sound quality and engineering design, but also pays special attention to the aesthetics of the cable. All Crystal Cables are different from the "silly big black thick" type of cables that we are used to and love, but rather slim, light and flexible, with particularly nice detailing.

The best way to compare cables is by using the source. First of all, when playing the "Three Blind Mice" jazz album, the Ultra Diamond power cord gave a clear picture of the drums, cymbals, guitars, piano and bass instruments, which was extremely analytical, with very little diaphragm and high visibility. Every movement, trace and slight change of the drum cymbals can be distinguished with the Ultra Diamond power cord. The sound of the guitar is highly resolving and unmistakable with every pluck of the guitar. On the piano, the grainy sound has an incoming impact, with a good sense of speed and transience, and the slow solos have a deep emotion. Finally, on the bass, the analytical power of the low frequencies is in place, with good toughness, not too loose and fuzzy, but still maintain the appropriate tension, so that the listener can not stop. Overall, the multiple instruments of different sound frequencies and timbres work together in the Ultra Diamond power cord to show excellent picture and musical beauty. The core of the conductor of the Ultra Diamond power cord is made of silver and gold alloy, so it still possesses the qualities of mono-crystal silver such as transparency, speed, density and energy, etc. The silver and gold alloy also makes the sound more coherent, natural, warm and comfortable, and also more musical.

Finally, when the Chinese music "Ambush from Ten Sides" was played, the whole system became very large and powerful in the opening moments of the sound field, but also presented a highly analytical, thorough and clean side. The pipa's sweeping strings are very fast and powerful, and the Ultra Diamond power cable meets this need, in turn giving the tube system a more comprehensive and balanced performance. For example, the residuals after the sweep of the pipa are very well controlled and the after-effects are well captured. The soundstage became noticeably larger and less compressed, and the musical image was less diaphragm-like and more transparent, clearly pushing the transparency.

The thickness of the cable is not to bed, as the musicality underestimate of the sound and lines are beautiful and graceful when compared to the same source, and the reproduction of the music is superb. Diamond is undoubtedly the best match.

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