New Audiophile has given a glowing review to Crystal Cable's Future Dream interconnect and speaker cables.

“The Future Dream series interconnects and speaker cables feature Crystal Cable's consistently high level of transparency and rich detail. With a slim body but surprisingly tight and natural bass power and density, an elegant tone, and a stereoscopic soundstage, Crystal Cable has a deep appreciation for the beauty of sound.”

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An Audible Feast of Crystal Cable's Future Dream Interconnects and Speaker Cables

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I've tried Crystal Cable's Future Dream power cable twice before and my feeling couldn't have been better. The overall quality and musicality of the cable is undoubtedly the highest among the power cords I've heard in recent years.

The opportunity came. The distributor in Southern Sea Jinshazhou MHC said a whole set of Future Dream series had finished its break-in, so I made the appointment, intending to spend an afternoon with these top Crystal Cable wires. As it turns out, one afternoon is not nearly enough.

As noble as jewels

In the world of high-end cables, the Dutch Crystal Cable is an independent enterprise. Their jewel-like aesthetic is inspired by the idea of ​​the founder, Gabi van der Kleij-Rijnveld, who was originally a pianist and later became the wife of the owner of the top cable brand Siltech, Edwin van der Kleij-Rijnveld. After stepping into the high-end audio field because of her husband, she believes that a premium cable should not only be related to sturdy figures but can also be made beautiful. So, she used the aesthetic and taste of a woman's point of view to create Crystal Cable with products that are delicate, beautiful and translucent.

Crystal Cable is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the launch of the Future Dream special limited series. The special limited series Future Dream is positioned below Ultimate Dream and Absolute Dream, slightly more hands-on than the two flagship lines. Its style is very different from common high-end cables and it presents a top-notch luxurious texture. Audiophiles would be surprised that cables can be designed with such an artistic temperament. With Siltech's strong technical backing and unlike any other design concept, Crystal Cable has been an unprecedented success in the market for over a decade.

Portable Cable

The Duet is not the same as the Crystal Cable we know, but the technology inside is the same. Crystal Cable's audio cable, like its name, is almost always transparent, using a coaxial construction, and the conductor is the signature gold and silver alloy. It has a thin layer of high-strength PE material to reduce the resistance of the cable. With Duet, however, there is a slight variation. The conductor is still the signature gold and silver alloy, but the appearance is black and white, with a braided winding, and the outer jacket is made of medical grade plastic, which is soft and durable for mobile listening. There is also a Crystal Cable decoration in the center of the headphone cable, which is marked with the original serial number for verification.


Crystal Cable Future Dream 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

● 4 coaxial conductor construction, offering interconnect, power cable and speaker cable

● Best insulation materials: Dupont Kapton and Teflon foil

● First layer of shielding: patented silver and gold alloy

● Second layer of shielding: monocrystal silver

● Furutech has developed the latest top-of-the-line NCF terminals specifically for Crystal Cable

● Luxurious anti-counterfeit diamond-shaped barrel with gold leaf inside

● Warmer sound and more homogeneous and harmonious soundstage

● Fine packaging, individual serial number and signature card

● Designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands

● In cooperation with the Dutch charity Leerorkest, €15 is donated for every original item sold to a fund that encourages children to learn music


Several Exclusive Technologies

The Future Dream conductor uses the latest hybrid technology, which combines monocrystal silver and silver-gold alloy with patented technology to provide perfect signal and current transmission due to a significant reduction in the impact of current transmission across crystal boundaries. The shielding layer is also uncompromising, using silver-gold alloy for the first layer, monocrystal silver for the second layer, and high-purity Dupont Kapton and Teflon foil for the insulation, both of which have extremely low dielectric constants and excellent insulating properties and weather resistance, even when made very thin. This combination of elements is what makes Crystal Cable’s cables so slim and gorgeous, and the Future Dream series offers an interconnect, a power cable, and a speaker cable, each with a four coaxial conductor construction that allows for a full, transparent sound. 



The Future Dream wire has a coaxial construction with core conductors in monocrystal sterling silver. Another key is that the spacing between the two phase conductors should be as small as possible, so the design requirements cannot be met with conventional insulators. The core conductor of the Future Dream is insulated with ultra-thin Kapton and PEEK, then tightly covered with a gold and silver alloy weave and a layer of monocrystal sterling silver weave to create the ideal structure.


The interconnect is available with RCA and XLR connectors, while the speaker cable is available with banana and spade plugs. The cable body maintains Crystal Cable's usual slim style, with an exclusive 15th anniversary diamond barrel in the middle, which is actually a luxurious, anti-counterfeit, diamond-cut structure with gold leaf inside.

Crystal Cable's research on silver-gold alloy, has shown that when producing the conductor, tiny cracks are inevitably created on the surface of the conductor, which makes it uneven and affects the signal transmission, especially at higher frequencies where the signal is transmitted closer to the outer surface of the conductor, thus greatly affecting the signal transmission effect. The key technology is to control the melting point and crystallization temperature of different metals during smelting. If the temperature is too low, gold will not be able to fill the cracks and molecular gaps of silver. Greatly improving the conductor's conductivity is the reason why this silver-gold alloy conductor is so well known in high-end audio circles.


As for the terminal, Future Dream uses the Japanese Furutech's latest generation NCF terminals, specially designed for Crystal Cable. NCF (Nano Crystal Formula) is a special nanocrystalline powder material, which has two active properties: it contains the ability to generate negative ions to reduce static electricity as well as the thermal energy in infrared rays, so that it becomes an excellent electronic and mechanical damping material, and it strengthens the vibration absorption effect. The cables are available in RCA and XLR formats, and the speaker cables are available with banana and spade plugs. The Future Dream cables inherit the same Crystal Cable style, not too stout, with an exclusive 15th anniversary diamond barrel in the middle, and a luxurious, anti-counterfeiting, diamond-cut structure with gold foil inside, making them very difficult to produce and enhancing the texture and tonal effect of vibration suppression. 

Let the beauty of the music shine through

Based on the Audio Research Model CD9SE player, Reference 6-channel preamp, Reference 160M mono-channel power amp and Estonian Estelon XB Diamond Edition floorstanders, what would the effect be of using a full set of Future Dream series cables? Honestly, from the very moment I put on the record, my heart skipped a beat. Past experience tells us that in addition to the quality of the wire itself, in order to recognize the effect, we must also pay attention to the matching of the system. Usually silver wire does not work well on equipment with crisp lines, while copper wire tends to be too heavy on heavy equipment. Don't be confused by the beautiful appearance of these Future Dream wires, in fact, its sound is not thin at all, while retaining the full and round sound quality, the sound of the temperament appears noble and pure.


The main conductor of the Future Dream series is monocrystal silver, which can be up to 120 meters in length, meaning that a single wire may consist of only one crystal inside. Monocrystal silver does not have the problem of gaps between the crystals, resulting in a better electron transfer state. The cost of manufacturing this conductor

is extremely high, not only is the manufacturing process very slow, but the requirements for vibration suppression are also very high. The conductor is double insulated with Kapton and PEEK, the shielding is a combination of silver and gold alloy woven mesh and monocrystal silver woven mesh, and the outer transparent layer is protected by a Teflon outer jacket. Future Dream is available as a separate limited series as a commemorative product for the 15th anniversary of Crystal Cable.

The Audio Research's equipment features are an alternative to the traditional American style of luxury, sounding more like European equipment with a more transparent and soft sound. The sound quality of the Estelon speakers is also pure and clear, and the cohesive shape and melodic lines are even more captivating when combined with the Future Dream wires. For example, in the replay of Yingge Yao's "Listen", the density of the cello's sound is sufficient but not too "loose", so the tension of the strings appears high and the breathing and inhalation is detailed during the bow movement, as if the player's expression becomes more focused, giving a vivid picture of the sound. Ms. Yao's mellow voice adds a touch of brilliance to her accurate foundation, adding a sense of permeability to the existing fullness and roundness of her voice, as if the rain is washing away the hustle and bustle of the sky.


The full lineup of Future Dream is transparent, clean and fast, and the music is even more gorgeous, with a smooth and fluid extension of the mid and high frequencies, a low and gentle whisper when playing weakly, and a strong and vivid feeling when playing strongly, adding a natural and unadorned musical force. With regards to being transparent and clean, many would associate that sound with being on the thin side, but that's not the case with the Future

Dream lineup at all. Instead it gives the music more density and power, which is completely irrelevant to being dry and thin. Instead, the Future Dream line is exactly what the music should be, with lifelike note jumps, a full, rounded, thick feel, and a high purity of sound without sharp, harsh edges that greatly enhance listening satisfaction.

With this gentle gear, orchestral music can be played with a wide-open soundstage and contrasting dynamic amplitude, as in the case of Mundt's Carmen Fantasies, which is played on repeat. The beauty of the violin's sound lies in the bright, high-frequency extension of the strings. The warm, lustrous extension of the full Future Dream line adds a touch of nobility to the original sound. The soundstage, in particular, is well extended. Creating a profound soundstage makes the relative positions of the orchestra clearer, Mundt's playing is at times soaring and soft, and while the gypsy feel is less obvious, it also fully demonstrates the beauty and strong contrast of the comfortable flow of music. The violin's high handle rises upwards in the overtones, a tone that is very much in keeping with the femininity of Mundt's playing, without being tense.


Another reason for choosing a slimmer body is that Crystal Cable has found that the more cores there are, the more mechanical friction between the cores is inevitable. These frictions create resonances, which can cause distortion in the transmitted signal. Secondly, Crystal Cable uses high-purity Kapton and PEEK insulation, which requires only a very thin thickness to achieve the same effect as traditional robust audio cables.


The Future Dream series interconnects and speaker cables feature Crystal Cable's consistently high level of transparency and rich detail. With a slim body but surprisingly tight and natural bass power and density, an elegant tone, and a stereoscopic soundstage, Crystal Cable has a deep appreciation for the beauty of sound.

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