2019 ENJOY THE MUSIC Best of High End

HIGH END 2019 Show Report  By Steven R. Rochlin


Crystal Cable has been very strong in the portable audio market with recent releases. Dream Duet uses its special monocrystal silver technology to benefit the portable audio market. There are 18 hair-thin strands of ultra-high purity monocrystal silver per conductor and its color combination is red & black. Have been using a set here with my fave Noble K10 and while they seemed to take many hundreds of hours to break in, today they are exceedingly clean-sounding, with deep bass, lovely midrange, and highs that are never brittle or offensive. Smooth silver sound, if there is such a thing though have to admit my love for silver wire here.

Crystal Cable also offers jumper wires and an abundance of other accessories cables for music on-the-go. Their Dream Duet is now my reference cable for in-ear monitoring and so has earned my  Best Of HIGH END 2019 Award.


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