Max Delissen (Dutch reviewer) has reviewed Crystal Cable Diamond series:
"It must be obvious that we really enjoyed the musical performance of the Crystal Cable Diamond interconnects. Even the cobweb like Piccolo Diamond had some properties that we would like to add to our somewhat earthier sounding reference. If we had to indicate a ‘family sound’ of these Crystal Cable interconnects, we would choose ‘refinement’ as their most prominent trait. The entry level Piccolo Diamond and its closest sibling Micro Diamond are a little more light-footed than our reference, but when you prefer acoustic music with great and natural spaciousness you should definitely give them a listen. When judged solely by its sonic merits, the Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond has to be the winner of this review, but the Sweetspot Award for best price to performance ratio goes to the Crystal Cable Reference Diamond. That interconnect will give you almost 90% of the Ultra’s performance at a little over half its price. As always, the ultimate improvements will cost you the most. That is - and always will be - the bittersweet fate of the audiophile inclined music lover.”

You'll find the complete review, in both Dutch and English, here: www.artsexcellence.com

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