Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Interconnect/ Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Speaker Cable $15,000/1m pr.
interconnect: RCA or XLR, ($11k per additional meter); $32,000/2m pr. speaker ($11k extra per meter)
Dead-quiet even on analog sources, extremely detailed, rich in tone color, and very lifelike on 
dynamics top to bottom, with superb staging and imaging and unusually high transparency to sources, 
Crystal's Absolute Dream is JV's current reference. Simply phenomenal resolution. JV, 229 

Crystal Cable Micro Interconnect/ CrystalSpeak Micro Speaker Cable $850/1m ​​pr.  
Interconnect ($700/add meter); $2500/2m pr. speaker ($900/ add'l meter-pair) 
Clean, composed, and transparent, the jewel-like Crystal Micro cables offer an open soundstage where images 
snap into focus and music is conveyed with a turbine-like smoothness. Even some softness in the bass and a bit 
of forwardness in the treble don't diminish one of the most transparent cables NG has heard. Unique splitter 
rings allows easy change-out of terminations or bi-wire upgrades.  NC, 164

Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo/ Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo Diamond
Replace whatever loudspeakers you've been using with a pair of two-way Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimos or Minissimo Diamond (which look identical but come with a superior diamond tweeter and other perks), and people will notice—before they've heard a note of music. The whimsical apostrophe shape, the vibrant color, the assured smallness of the things stop folks in their tracks and make them smile. Sonically, the Minissimos are superb everywhere but the low bass (which is to be expected in a two-way). When it comes to imaging and soundstage, they disappear, creating a broad, deep, and continuous soundstage. A superior and stylish little transducer. 
AQ, 256/

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