The glass speakers bonded in a vacuum... now that's what we call music

By Mail on Sunday Reporter
16 January 2010

Most loudspeakers are full of wadding, internal bracing and other trickery that makes them sound better. So building a pair out of glass, with nowhere to hide all that technical trickery, seems like an absolutely ludicrous idea - particularly if you want to satisfy the fussy eardrums of hi-fi connoisseurs. However, Crystal Cable's Arabesque speakers aren't just for show, they are hardcore pieces of engineering. Made from plate glass, they're as transparent sonically as they are physically.The computer-modelled design has no parallel surfaces that might disrupt the sound waves - the original signal is distorted by less than 0.05 per cent.

There's only one problem: the Arabesques sell for £45,000 a pair...


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