Pretty and surprisingly versatile!

Horizontally opposed 13” drivers are arranged in a force-canceling configuration, each driven by its independent power amplifier. Rather than using electronic equalization to extend low frequencies, it employs it to compensate for non-linearities and variations in the drivers themselves, perfectly matching their outputs and minimizing the energy they feed back into the cabinet. The enclosure itself is a carefully tuned curved wall composite construction. It uses Comsol modeling software to absorb and dissipate the unwanted mechanical output of the drivers before it can accumulate and feedback into the acoustic output by blurring and distorting timing, pitch, and textural information.

Consider for a moment the importance (and cost) of a high-quality line-stage to system performance. How many of the active crossovers used by conventional sub-woofers match that level of performance? But it is exactly what they should do if they successfully integrate their bass output with the rest of the system. For this reason, the Subissimo uses a passive crossover at its input. The drivers are set up high in the cabinet walls, away from unwanted room reflections and reinforcement that most likely would lead to smearing and coloring the low-frequency output. The result is a low-coloration sub-bass system of unmatched neutrality that can be seamlessly integrated with any high-quality speaker system, setting new standards in low-frequency reproduction.

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