Small speakers are often described as sounding big, but this is actually the result of exaggeration and additive colouration, aberrations that obscure the true structure of music and become frustrating over time. The Minissimo doesn’t need to sound big because it has so little sound of its own. Crystal Cable’s low-loss approach allows the small cabinet to produce the musical structure and low-frequency information so clearly and correctly that you’ll be astonished by the engaging sense of musical communication as well as the scale and authority that it delivers. Crystal Cable's latest monocrystal silver conductors that are used for the internal wiring also play an important part in this. Little speakers never sounded so natural and your recordings will never have sounded so vivid and alive.

Available in three standard colours, with other options available, the Minissimo looks fantastic in any room. It can also be ordered with feet instead of a stand for use as a bookshelf speaker.

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