Product registration

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. However, our reputation for producing the world's finest audio cables also leads to counterfeit producers copying our products illegally. 

We place great value on product authenticity, ensuring that everyone who buys our Crystal cables can experience the genuine quality that we are famous for. Therefore, we have introduced a revolutionary solution designed to enhance customer engagement and combat counterfeit and gray import products: NFC product authentication. An NFC tag is attached to all our products and designed to be read by our specially developed Crystal Cable App, available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Register your product

Every product from Crystal Cable now comes with an NFC tag attached that contains unique product and order-specific information. Using the Crystal Cable app, customers can tap the tag with a device that supports NFC (Near Field Communication) to authenticate the product instantly, check product details and register it with the unique ownership code printed on your product certificate. After scanning your product, tap 'Declare ownership' and enter the code corresponding to your cable's serial number.

Crystal Cable app

The Crystal Cable app is a tool for authenticating and registering your products. It also lets you access our product catalog, the latest Crystal Cable news, and other website updates. Planning for the future, the app will have additional features making it easier to keep up to date with Crystal Cable's products and further enhance the customer experience.


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Counterfeit Notice

We have learned that products falsely claiming to be made by Crystal Cable under International Audio Holding BV are distributed in certain areas in the world, including via online sources. Counterfeit products fall short of Crystal Cable's quality standards and could cause a customer's product to malfunction or cause serious safety issues.

Please note that Crystal Cable does not accept liability for failure, defects, or damage caused by counterfeit products. Furthermore, Crystal Cable can neither honor the warranties of counterfeit products nor provide any support for products purchased through unauthorized channels. 

All Crystal Cable products are manufactured at our factory in the Netherlands and sold worldwide through Crystal Cable's Authorized Distributors and Dealers Network. If you have any product authenticity concerns, contact us or reach your local Crystal Cable distributor to determine if the seller is authorized.