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Our philosophy

CrystalConnect - All about the performance 

It's all about THE performance...preserving the sense and sensibilities of music by creating the lightest touch, lowest-loss, least intrusive products possible.

The Science of Nuance, The Art of Understanding
Musical Expression Is About More Than Just the Facts.  

A musical score is just a collection of notes – like letters on a page – but playing them makes notes into phrases and phrases into a musical whole, like letters forming words and words, sentences.  

Music is energy, and performance is shaping that energy; how loud is a note? How is it shaped? Where is it placed against the notes around it?  

CrystalConnect establishes the lowest possible barrier to musical expression. With metallurgy that offers the lowest possible resistance, combined with a geometry and construction that cleverly minimizes dielectric or mechanical losses and effectively shields from outside interference, CrystalConnect provides the signal with a path that's as direct as it is low-drag, that preserves each accent or sustain, each note and the gap between the notes, the slightest lull before the most savage storm.  

When a great musician shapes a note, a phrase, or a movement, it's all about time and place, amplitude, and attack. CrystalConnect high-technology, low-mass, low-loss materials, and construction preserve not just pitch and harmonics, but the purpose and intent in the playing, the human element that engages and communicates. 

CrystalConnect – art behind the science