The Absolute Sound Issue 318. Cable Roundtable.

The Absolute Sound Issue 318. Cable Roundtable.

In The Absolute Sound Issue #318, Gabi Rynveld – Founder Crystal Cable joins the conversation in a Cable Roundtable interview. 

How did you get into the cable business?

It's a romantic story, unlike that of my most of my colleagues in the industry. After my career as a concert pianist, I was giving piano lessons in The Netherlands, and one of my pupils happened to be Edwin Rynveld, my future husband. We got married and have had five children together. He has just bought Siltech when we met, and I started to help out with marketing, PR, and soon also with listening tests tuning, and designing new models and series, making audio connect with my live-music background. In 2004, an exceptional new product was developed: Crystal Cable, which mated exquisite technology, beauty, and musical and transparent sound with super-thin cable design.

What design factors do you think are most important in a cable?

Most important is the purest possible, highest-quality conductor material. Then the construction and choice of insulators and shielding to ensure protection from noise and magnetic fields. And finally, it must be an easy-to-use design, which is a big benefit of thin and flexible cables.

What is the biggest misconception about cables?

That they don't matter. Cables are often treated like the step-children in a hi-fi system. Their importance is usually underestimated. To prove the opposite, the general comparison is to a luxury performance car with bad tires. I rather use the comparison to a symphonic orchestra - all instruments and players are equally important to the creation of a homogenic, full, and beautiful sound to match the idea the composer dreamed of.

How are today's cables different from those of 20 years ago?

There are hundreds of cable brands around the world - for high-end, for lower-end, and for portable use. The voice is enormous, and the number of really high-quality products is increasing. The availability of good materials is growing, conductor-wise, insulation-wise, and packaging-wise.

Are more advancements possible?

With high-tech engineering, precision production, and the use of new, advanced materials, improvement is always possible. My mission is still not accomplished - to use all the above to connect technological perfection with music, to make cables and all other high-end audio equipment a bridge bringing live performance to our listening rooms.

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