New Network Cables

New Network Cables

Smarter Network Cables by Crystal Cable 

CrystalNetwork Diamond Cable 
CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream Cable 

Streaming music is all about convenience – but it can and should be about quality too. The increasing availability of high-res recordings and file formats has thrown a spotlight on the whole question of network and data integrity.  

Network cables carry digital information, and, just like all other digital cables in a system, the data transfer is incredibly sensitive to tiny variations in amplitude and spacing. These can rob drama and vitality from a performance by hiding musical nuances, bleaching colours, and flattening dynamic contrasts. It's important to know that higher data rates are more vulnerable to external interference too. That's why maintaining data integrity is more important than transfer speed when streaming music.  

With this knowledge in mind, Crystal Cable has designed two new network cables. The materials, insulation, and shielding used and the cables' construction are what sets Crystal Cable's network cables apart.  

The conductors on the CrystalNetwork Diamond cable are made of our proprietary silver-gold alloy, while the CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream has conductors made of our latest generation monocrystal silver. Both materials eliminate micro-distortions that threaten signal quality. Highly effective insulation comes from our high-purity PTFE, while the dual-layer shielding offers ultimate protection from interference. For an optimal signal transfer, each cable also features robust, fully shielded RJ-45 connectors. 

These new network cables protect the dynamic impacts and dramatic contrasts that make music come alive by preserving the most delicate details and textures in your music. 

CrystalNetwork Diamond

CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream

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