More from Montreal's Audio Fest..

More from Montreal's Audio Fest..

Mono And Stereo's Richard H. Mak visited us at Montreal Audio Fest.



The Crystal “Future Dream” was being shown in Canada for the very first time. It is a limited edition cable combining mono-crystal silver and silver/gold alloy. Crystal actually holds a patent on its proprietary metallurgical process that injects pure gold in between silver crystals which prevents the crystal from oxidizing. The proof is in the pudding, and the fact that it made me sat down for more than half an hour listening to tunes from Gabi Rijnveld’s own test CD called “Arabesque”(made by Chesky Records), tells you whatever potion they’ve cooked up, seems to be working. The sound was warm, inviting, and piano was life like. Later I found that Gabi Rijnveld herself actually played the Chopin's "Berceuse" OP 57 in the recording.


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