Crystal Cable 's new and special edition Future Dream cables had its North American introduction at Montreal's Audiofest and Jason Thorpe visited us (for Soundstage). 


Written by Jason Thorpe | 23 March 2019

Montreal Audio Fest 2019: Cables and Accessories
There’s a huge infrastructure that supports the speakers, amps, and sources at audio shows. However, the cables and accessories often don’t share in the glamor that speakers, electronics, and turntables enjoy. And that’s a shame, really, because systems just can’t work without cables, and the accessories add some spice to an ecosystem that would otherwise be at least somewhat sterile. Below are the new cables and accessories I found in Montreal, with all prices in Canadian dollars unless specified otherwise. Onward . . .Soundstage

First up is Crystal Cable. Celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary, the Netherlands-based company has introduced their new limited-edition Future Dream series of cables. The Future Dream cables employ two of the company’s signature technologies: silver monocrystal conductors and silver-gold shielding. The Future Dream line is the company’s new flagship, with the speaker cable retailing for $25,000 for a 2m pair, a 1m pair of interconnects for $12,600, and a 1m power cord for $7000.

Gabi Rijnveld, the company president, was present at Montreal Audio Fest, where she explained to us that concurrent with the introduction of the Future Dream line, Crystal Cable was announcing the creation of the Future Dream Fund-Raising charity, which will provide music lessons and instruments for underprivileged children. A set amount from the purchase of each Future Dream cable will be donated toward the fund throughout the company’s 15th-anniversary year.

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