Hifi + visit

Hifi + visit

Alan Sircom visited Crystal Cable's and Siltech's office in Arnhem and factory in Elst!


It’s not exactly the best-kept secret in audio, but Crystal Cable and Siltech work closely together. They always demonstrate together in the same room at exhibitions, they share the same factory, the same staff, and – as the respective heads of the companies are married to one another – even share the same surname! Nevertheless, the two brands are very different in approach, and this is more than just skin deep (from a surface inspection alone, the cables made by Siltech are more traditionally larger, blue-sleeved designs, and Crystal Cable products are typically smaller and braided silver and gold). From their centre in Arnhem in the Netherlands, Gabi (Crystal) and Edwin (Siltech) Rijnveld have designed some of the finest cables in audio, but are increasingly also known for their amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers, and more. This comes from a desire to create both outstanding examples of the cable-maker’s art, and the drive to understand the science underlying the craft and extending both out to other branches in audio. This helped develop ‘test-bed’ audio equipment that best showed the differences in cable performance for in-house development, but it quickly became clear that the development technologies used to help create those test-beds could be made as high-performance production products in their own right. We visited the company’s European headquarters at an important time. Not only had the Crystal Cube Integrated amplifier finally been launched, but the company was in the process of expanding its factory to accommodate the growth in both brands. It’s also time for some celebration, as Siltech celebrates its 35th year with the launch of Crown Princess cable.


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