Future Dream 22 cable series replaces the highly successful limited edition 15th Anniversary Future Dream Series launched back in 2019. This new range serves as an ideal bridge between the unique, ultra-thin Diamond Series that Crystal Cable became famous for, and its latest flagship Art Series. 

It's the perfect synthesis of the strengths of our latest generation monocrystal silver conductors and dual-layer monocrystal + silver-gold alloy shielding. Accordingly, it combines the benefits of both our proprietary metallurgic formulas, resulting in a very warm and homogenic soundstage combined with plenty of detail and transparency. 

For all its petite profile, the Future Dream 22 packs the entire latest Crystal Cable know-how into an attractive, slimline package. Designed and manufactured in Elst, The Netherlands, the series consists of cables ranging from interconnect and loudspeaker to  power and USB . 

The name Future Dream 22 doesn't come out of nowhere. The new 22 model uses Crystal Cable's well-known original two-wire coaxial design, combining our two pure silver metallurgies. 

Furthermore, it uses both double-layer insulation by Dupont Kapton® and Teflon® and two layers of shielding. The result is a seriously special sound revealing all the music's power and passion. 

Future Dream 22: Twice the technology, twice the musicality. 



Every product in the Future Dream 22 series comes with an NFC tag attached that contains unique product and order-specific information. Using the Crystal Cable app, customers can tap the tag with a device that supports NFC (Near Field Communication) to authenticate the product instantly, check product details and register it with the unique ownership code printed on your product certificate.

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