Crystal Cable's new distributor in China, Purist Audio, gives its thoughts about Crystal Cable portable Duet series. Below you'll find an English translation and to read the original Chinese article click here.  

One of the biggest high end brands made the most groundbreaking headphone cable!


What are high end’s big cable brands? Crystal, Siltech, Nordost, PAD, Tara Labs, Transparents... And which of these brands offer high end wires for earplugs? There is only one - Crystal Cable.

Crystal Cable is from the Netherlands and founder Gabi Rijnveld was a professional pianist before becoming a businesswoman. For Gabi, music is as important as breathing. She traveled around the world to play classical music and moved many fans by her live concerts. With her husband Edwin Rynveld, who leads the successful brand Siltech, she created a new brand; Crystal Cable. Bringing live music to the world is her mission, and the beautiful, light, slender, crystal-like texture and -suitable for anywhere- cables became her new way to do so.


Not just home audio equipment but also portable audio should provide the best sounding music and Crystal Cable does not compromise on either. Applying the latest and most advanced technology – Crystal Cable’s unique gold and silver alloy and monocrystal technology- the Portable Duet cables can be applied to any headphone or earphone. Crystal Cable's unique structure makes it soft, light and slender and extremely suitable for portable systems. It is hard to imagine how traditional Hi-Fi wires can be connected to headphones or even earplugs. Only Crystal Cable can be used without compromise and be easily matched with earplugs.


Duet uses Crystal Cable’s gold-silver alloy technology. Under the electron microscope Crystal Cable’s engineers found that a gap starts to develop between the pure silver or pure copper conductor after the thermal expansion and contraction of the melting, which hinders the smooth transmission of current. After numerous experiments, Crystal’s engineers filled the gap between the pure silver conductors with pure gold. It is a bit like potholes in roads, they need to be filled to ensure a smooth ride. This might seem very simple, but to ensure that pure gold fills just these gaps and nothing more one must find the absolute perfect temperature of melting. So this is not your mediocre gold-plated silver wire, or just a simple patchwork of gold and silver. You might say Crystal Cable’s portable Duet cables provides your headphone or earplugs with the smoothest electrical highway.


The Double Duet uses the same gold-silver alloy conductor as Duet inheriting all its advantages. But by doubling the conductors to 8 strands it transmits more power, more energy, more detail and clarity. Crystal's unique conductor structure, even with 8 strands, still ensures that the wire is light, slender and soft, easy to use and there is no annoying microphone effect.



Dream Duet is Crystal Cable’s Duet series’ flagship portable cable. Just like the Crystal Cable Dream series, such as the limited edition Future Dream commemorating the 15th anniversary, the flagship Ultimate Dream, etc., Dream Duet uses a monocrystal conductor. Undoubtedly, monocrystal is the best electrical conductor possible. Among all metals, the conductivity of pure silver is the best (silver resistivity is 1.59 × 10 ^ (−8), copper is 1.7 × 10 ^ (−8)).  The monocrystal conductor is like a single piece of extremely long and extremely smooth stainless steel plate. The balls moving on this steel plate are smooth with no resistance or friction at all. Although the use of monocrystal makes the manufacturing and therefore cables more costly, Crystal Cable Dream Duet’s conductors are the best ones you can use for your headphones and/or earplugs. They simply are of unrivaled quality.

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