Crystal Cable Launches Future Dream 22 at Sound Gallery

Crystal Cable Launches Future Dream 22 at Sound Gallery

Written by Edgar Kramer for SoundStage! Australia

Published: 11 June 2022


In a coincident function to the StereoNET Hi-Fi Show Melbourne 2022, premier high-end audio store Sound Gallery held an after-hours event celebrating the recent launch of Crystal Cables' new Future Dream 22 line. In person on the night were company principals Gabi and Edwin van der Kley Rynveld. Shown above are Sound Gallery hosts Kama and John Ong, now in tulip manie , as Gabi van der Kley Rynveld presents reproductions of the Dutch icons.

Kerouac's Dream

The lead-up to this event was by way of a circuitous journey across continents, including traversing our own. Crystal Cables' dynamic duo Gabi and Edwin van der Kley Rynveld had been hitting various tarmacs from a launch pad in The Netherlands to Bavaria. Then post-Munich, it was the long journey to Brisbane, spending some time in sunny Queensland only to be hit by the onslaught of a freak cold front hitting NSW as they valiantly navigated the country-crossing M1. Then, onto the various other motorways to the Blue Mountains for a visit to   SoundStage! Australia   HQ.

The next and final stage of the Aussie visit saw the couple arriving in Melbourne for the launch of Future Dream at Sound Gallery. At the event, proprietor John Ong and wife Kama greeted not only Crystal Cables' dynamic duo but also a select group of the store's most loyal customers. While the store is a much-admired treasure trove of exotic Hi-Fi, it's also a rather intimate setting where a clientele of a dozens, or so, mingled with each other and the Rynvelds.

Music was played at a calming level allowing ease of conversation, with topics varying from the local show to the other show in Munich, cable products and music in general. Finger foods, copious amounts of delicious sushi and a steady flow of fine wine were the fuels for passionate, as always, yet friendly audiophile dialogue. 

I pulled John Ong aside for some insights into the machinations of Sound Gallery with a focus on the launch of Future Dream 22.

Edgar Kramer: You stock Crystal Cable in addition to several other cable brands. What is it that attracts you to Crystal's jewel-like creations?

John Ong: Crystal Cable has a very unique design and sound signature that suits certain clients. The most stand out sound signature is the low noise floor when you first connect the cable to your system.

EK: Is there a synergistic balance between Future Dream and particular electronics and/or loudspeakers from your extensive portfolio?

JO: That's a very broad and hard to answer question. Every client has a certain expectation when it comes to sound so it really depends on the correct matching. With the right synergy, the Future Dream will shine. The new Future Dream 22 range will also satisfy clients that do not like big and bulky cabling within their audio system.

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