Audio Hoang Hai has become the new CrystalConnect Partner in Vietnam

Audio Hoang Hai has become the new CrystalConnect Partner in Vietnam

CrystalConnect is pleased to announce the new distribution partnership with Audio Hoang Hai in Vietnam. Over 25 years of experience in distributing high-end equipment; Audio Hoang will be responsible for distributing CrystalConnect's full product portfolio.

"Audio Hoang Hai has proven to be an excellent distribution partner with a well-established sales network, including a strong and loyal customer base. We are thrilled to start 2021 with this new distribution partnership for CrystalConnect that will make all our products available throughout Vietnam", stated Viktor de Leeuw, COO of International Audio Holding. 

About Audio Hoang Hai
Established in 1989, Audio Hoang Hai imports leading sound equipment brands of international reputation in Vietnam. Over the years, the company has built its brand and reputation by focusing on the importance of quality (quality of goods supplied and after-sale service) as their primary business goal.

About CrystalConnect
For over a decade, CrystalConnect’s high-fidelity audio products strive to connect you to music. To show you the art behind the science, providing intense enjoyment where music is inspired, created, recorded, and listened to. Our ultimate goal is to reveal the virtuosity of the instruments, the subtleties of the performance and particularly the emotions of the artist during the musical creation, elements that can be lost in a purely technical approach.

Pure, without colour; a time machine for music lovers around the world that brings an artist’s vision to life before your eyes and ears.

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