Art Series Packaging and Monet Power Cords Upgrades

Art Series Packaging and Monet Power Cords Upgrades

The moment an audiophile receives a new outstanding high-end cable is a unique everlasting memory. To make this moment even more special, we have updated the packaging for the entire Art Series range from CrystalConnect - by Crystal Cable. 

Our Art Series cables offer three performance levels starting with Monet, then Van Gogh, and finally, the flagship da Vinci cables. With each range named after an artist who set new artistic expression standards, we emphasize the close connection shared by all art forms while building a bridge between art and science.

Custom made with an eye for detail,  the new packaging (see image)  highlights precisely this art-science interconnection.  

One would be pleasantly surprised to notice that, next to the warranty certificates, our new Art Series boxes include  personalized greeting cards (see image) which present a carefully curated selection of renowned artworks - from Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night' to Claude Monet's ' Water Lillies', da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man', and then some more. As a personal touch, Gabi Rynveld, Founder of Crystal Cable, dedicates time and inspiration to handwrite each card with a personalized 'thank you note' for music lovers who order any product in the Art Series range.

Just as important, with the new Art Series packaging featuring tailor-made laser-cut foam inlays (see image) , the product gets even more securely enclosed and held in place during transport. Sure enough, it also benefits from a more professional appearance. It is worth mentioning that the new boxes include  branded interior covers (see image) that add an extra layer of protection.

Certainly, with these upgraded boxes we are getting even closer to enhancing the connection between art and music. The new packaging will be ready for distribution starting October 3rd, 2021, very close to the one-year anniversary of the Art Series worldwide launch.

Furthermore, our brilliant team of specialists in Elst, committed as always to manufacturing products designed to pleasure more and more music lovers, proceeded with a refreshing upgrade for certain cables in the Art Series Monet range. More specifically, the Monet power cords now come with new connectors (see image)  – Oyaide C-004 and P-004 – with improved connectivity and even lower levels of distortion.

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