Art Series Monet on a closer look

Art Series Monet on a closer look

Art Series

Launched in late 2020, the CrystalConnect Art Series products are the most advanced Crystal cables ever made pushing the limits on sound quality and representing a step-change in materials, technology, and construction.

The Art Series offers three price/performance levels, starting with Monet, then van Gogh, and finally, the flagship da Vinci cables. With each Art Series range named after an artist who set new artistic expression standards, we are emphasizing the close connection shared by all forms of art be it musical or visual.

Each cable in the Monet range boasts extremely low levels of distortion and outstanding musical reproduction.

Shortly after the launch, the Art Series products have been receiving numerous positive reviews and have been proudly introduced to the world by our distributors and dealers.

"The Monet network cable uses dual-layer high purity Kapton and PTFE shielding with impedance-matched and fully shielded RJ-45 connectors... So, does it justify the expense? Was it transformative?... The stage exploded in every direction , dynamics logarithmically amplified and micro resolution changed from a high-powered compound light microscope to a scanning beam electron microscope. The Monet was, however, exceptional in its ability to improve upon what I own, and what I have previously tried." - Dr Matthew Clott,

Hi-Fi+ Magazine

“If anything, Crystal Cable is the most egalitarian of the top-end cables in that it doesn't impose too strong a character on the sound, yet it brings out the best in very Crystal Cable ways. Monet builds heavily on the strengths of that.” - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ Magazine 194

Audio Art Magazine

“I was amazed by the level of Monet's network cable. The optimization of the sense of hearing is really not just about a certain audio index being higher or adding more details. It brings the "essential improvement". That's why I said that it will give you more than you can think of. It's hard to imagine that this kind of upgrade can be realized by a single network cable. I know some people may find it incredible, but after understanding the technical improvement of this Art series, it should suffice to justify such an extremely rich positive change." -

Art Series Monet

Infinite Crystal Silver

The Monet cables are the thinnest in the Art Series but because the signal and ground conductors are both made of our proprietary Infinite Crystal Silver (iCS), the optimal conductivity and lack of distortion allow you to hear more of the details in your music.

iCS has allowed us to reduce the number of signal conductors, reducing total distortion and capacitance. It has allowed us to embrace the low-noise benefits of asymmetric grounding in our interconnects. It has led to the development of an entirely new, Cross Balanced Construction for both our speaker cables and power cords. It has revolutionized the topology throughout the Art Series. It delivers results that are as measurable as they are audibly superior. It lets you hear more details and places that information where it belongs; it preserves pitch and pattern; it elevates musical performance to a new and unprecedented level.


For each Monet cable, we have used Kapton and PEEK as our primary insulation.

Super Grounding

Asymmetric grounding system - 3 ground conductors in Monet interconnects.


Every Monet cable comes with an NFC tag attached that can be used to quickly and easily authenticate and register the cable using our dedicated app. You can absolutely establish its history and authenticity, protecting your products and your investment. Using the app to register, also upgrades your 5-year warranty to a limited lifetime warranty. The free CrystalConnect App for iOS and Android is available on App Store and Google Play.

A New Technique

All our barrels are engraved with the Art Series logo, family name, and serial number.

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