A big THANK YOU to all the visitors and friends, distributors and press for 4 fantastic days at High End Munich! With our FUTURE DREAM, MINISSIMO DIAMOND-SCALA and CCi we've enjoyed great music and talks during the day. Wonderful food and ambiances during the after hours. To make it extra special, HifiCompass surpised us with awarding MINISSIMO DIAMOND "Best 2-way loudspeakers of Munich High End 2019"! 

Show reports:



By Edgar Kramer


This year, as far as standmount speakers go, about the best I heard were the Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo Scala mated to the company’s CCI integrated amplifier. The cable choice for the display was a mix of Future Dream (see the full review here) and Ultimate Dream. The Arabesque speakers sounded far more dynamic than they have a right to be at the size, and combined that effortless sound with a full sounding bass register (within the laws of physics), exciting detail, precise resolution and an overall presence which subsequently had me re-navigating the MOC’s corridors for a second prolonged listen.

The Absolute Sound

By Jonathan Valin

Crystal Cable showed its $20k Minissimo Diamond two-ways driven by its Cube amp and wired with Crystal Future Dream cable. Sonically delicate and lovely, and virtually invisible as a sound source, the Crystal is a supremely elegant mini with genuine musical chops and surprising range for a tiny stylish two-way—kind of a model for what a lifestyle speaker should be, at least for the well-heeled music lover. 

High End 2019 • Hot Product


In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Crystal Cable has added a phono cable (€4550 per one-meter length) to its new Future Dream line. The cable features a new hybrid technology, combining a monocrystal silver, four-coaxial-constructed conductor with a first shield of silver-gold alloy and a second shield of monocrystal silver Dupont Kapton with Teflon insulation. The aesthetics and packaging are up to Crystal Cable’s unique standard. US pricing was not yet available.

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