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Another great edition of Munich's High end! A lot of music, wonderful conversations, meeting up with friends..thank you to all for visiting us!

Show reports:



Edgar Kramer
It’s not the first time I’ve heard the Crystal Cable team of Minissimo Diamond and CCI (Crystal Cable Integrated) and each time the consistent theme is this: great sound. This are small speakers with true heart and soul. They present the music with emotive connection (for this sensitive soul – insert smiley face emoji here), a solid platform of great bass given its stature and a fine-tuned balance of thorough detail, resolution and precision. These last items are extremely important in the context of this wonderful speaker because, as excellent as those qualities are, they do not retract one bit, from the overall musicality that permeates every single track I hear via these monitors. Of course, being unhindered along the way by Crystal Cables’ superb transmission wire does not hurt one bit. Gabi and Edwin Van der Klej are the consummate hosts and they spun a number of tracks from various genres which made qualitative evaluation easy.


"The exhibition is a good time to give awards – the photo shows Gabi van der Kley-Rijnveld and the award she got for cables from The Ultimate Dream series" High Fidelity



Crystal Cable’s Double Duet headphone cable is priced at €1100 for a 1.2m length, and €1700 for a 2.5m length. This new Crystal Cable earphone cable features an eight-wire configuration -- precisely double the conductor count in the standard Duet, a model we are told is primarily purchased for earphones. Each conductor in the Double Duet is made up of six silver-gold wires in Crystal Cable’s proprietary metallurgy formula.

Crystal Cable also debuted the Ultimate Dream interconnect, which features monocrystal silver conductors and has three separate layers of shielding and a center core composed of a hollow Teflon tube. The Ultimate Dream interconnect is priced at €16,500 for a 1m pair with XLR terminations.


High End Munich 2018 – The Industry People

Gabi van der Kleij - Rijnveld
Crystal Cable

REPORT_HIFI_KNIGHTSThus far I avoided the Crystal Cable room, albeit not because lack of any interest on my end, on the contrary in fact. Although very much into witnessing what those finely looking thin leashes do, for years I simply wasn’t wise and seasoned enough to properly grasp such items, certain level of self-awareness and experience has to be achieved, I think. Still, some things happen whether we’re ready or not. It was high time to wrap the second day of the event, 18:00 o’clock was almost here. When I passed the Crystal Cable room, there were only several people inside and in an instant I recognized Gabi van der Kleij-Rijnveld. To make this one-sided meeting even, we’ve exchanged cards and shortly after a proper connection was made through Marek – the other knight. The Crystal Lady knows him well, I’ve told her about what I do and she seemed to be interested in my work. I was also properly introduced to Crystal Cable philosophy. In any case, women aren’t seen often in the audio industry, but very smart and sharp Gabi fits here perfectly. No wonder, she’s been around for a long time and has been running one of the most well-known cable businesses in the world. Mrs. van der Kleij-Rijnveld, it was a true pleasure.

Crystal Cable

REPORT_HIFI_KNIGHTS_1The Crystal Cable room was a very short stop for me, just prior to leaving M.O.C. for good. Still, I was able to capture finely looking Minissimo monitors in their natural habitat, namely at work with the usual cable suspects by the same manufacturer. Onto my personal bucket list all these go.


Highend Show report by Steven R. Rochlin


Crystal Cable was at HIGH END 2018 wit their Duet and Double Duet headphone cable. Their Double is 2.5 meter (1700 euro) and features visual balance of black and white, leading to powerful messaging. According to Crystal Cable, "Black's most common association is power, authority and strength, while white is righteous, good and peaceful. In music, both these worlds are present – Duet is translating music as pure and natural as life." Crystal Cable's Portable Duet and Double Duet can be terminated with almost all types of in-ear and over-ear headphone connections. These include 2.5mm jack, 3.5mm jack, 4.4mm jack (for Sony player), 6.35mm jack, 4-pole male XLR, and two 3-pole male XLR. Out connectors include IEM 2-pin, IEM MMCX, 2.5mm TS, 3.5mm jack, Lemo for Focal Utopia, HD800, Mini-XLR 4-pole (for Audeze). Other connectors or configurations might be available upon request. So whatever your needs for in-ear and headphone cables, Crystal Cable has that very high quality connection you need.


Jim Hannon


In Crystal Cable’s demo rooms there’s always something unexpected, be it an Oculus Rift VR tour of the company’s factory in the Netherlands or shiny speakers in gold finish, or in this case, an analog front end: the new SME Synergy turntable with a built-in phonostage from Nagra and Crystal Cable’s monocrystal internal wiring.

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