Summer Music

Summer Music

We've had a beautiful summer. 

A lot of sun, a nice vacation – this year is full of traveling for those who love to go abroad on vacation.

For us it was a very special experience.

After two “corona-summers” without being able to fly, we suddenly had the freedom, to pick a destination of our choice—with the HiFi Shows in far east / Hong Kong and Taipei still not being open to visitors from outside due to ongoing quarantine measures. 

The first trip was to my hometown Budapest for a family affair, so that includes the entire family, with grandkids and partners etc. 

We attended a church service—and I played Gounods 'Ave Maria' on the church's organ, while my brother played the clarinet.

In that remarkable atmosphere, with the echo from the organ's sound in between the beautiful paintings the power of live music was felt up-close.

The next day we visited the Opera.

The building alone, built in 1884, it's the famous sibling of the Viennese or Parisian examples.

It breathes culture and tradition, as well as beauty and splendor with its gorgeous monumental staircase, the huge chandelier coated in gold and the dark red plush armchairs in endless rows.

It was a beautiful evening in mid-July, the season was already over by a long while.

Still, it wasn't easy to get hold of tickets for Verdi's “Ball-Masquerade”. 

Among about 1300 people from countries all over the world, we enjoyed the romantic, and at the same time tragic story of the Swedish king Hugo, his wife Ulrika and his best friend Renato.

The soloists, choir, orchestra and conductor took us on a journey of true drama, through beautiful arias, dance and music. 

A very different experience from the church organ—however the magic of live music brought goosebumps to our arms yet again. 

A few weeks later we got on a plane again—our “destination of choice” turned out to be the island of Curaçao.

The first time for all of us to be introduced to the Caribbean sun, food, culture and traditions.

And I can tell you now—it's pure pleasure.

The people are extremely friendly and helpful, it's warm and sunny year-round, delicious food—the ultimate form of relaxation and “charging your batteries” 

After having spent the first few days at the pool and beach, we went to explore.

The kids went to the well-known beach parties, and we went to Willemstad—both experiences filled with live music. 

There was no lack of options, from techno and beach rock to Billy Joel's Piano Man, live on a small square in Willemstad, swinging and singing traditional musicians from Curaçao during a dinner on a terrace—time and time again you feel the magic, this summer we got to experience it in very different, but equally beautiful ways.

In a little while we'll be back to work and uni, and still be thinking of the musical moments from the past weeks, for a long time—moments that enrich your life, make it more beautiful and pleasurable. 



Written by:
Gabi Rynveld

Professional concert pianist. Founder of Crystal Cable (2004). Sales, Marketing & PR for International Audio Holding (the Dutch company behind Siltech and Crystal Cable).

Gabi Rynveld's musical background, industry-wide network, and long history with our award-winning brands make her an ideal face and voice to our partners, media, and customers, providing valuable insights wearing her personal touch.

In addition to performing in key roles with IAH, Gabi graciously transfers exactly that musical connection to all of you through personal communication, blogs, playlists, and videos.

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