A Wind of Change in Audio

A Wind of Change in Audio

We are home at last.

Our long journey started with a short flight to Munich, a day before the HIGH END 2022 Show.

Full of hope and energy, happy to be back after having missed the biggest HiFi show for two years. 

Also full of questions. How will this play out? How many visitors will we have? How many reporters will be there? Will we have to wear face masks? Will the rooms fill up like they used to?

Arriving at the MOC, everything felt familiar immediately. People were busy running around, setting up, decorating the rooms, and optimizing their systems — various types of music from different rooms. It felt amazing!

The next day everything took its course. Full-room, press, new products introduction, interviews, and meetings — as it used to be. Meanwhile, lovely music was playing in the background.

We especially enjoyed all of the personal contacts. After two years of online meetings, this was The Hugging Show . At last, we could embrace each other again.

Gradually, I have started to notice some changes.

The average audiophile age of 55+ has become significantly lower. It goes for the audience and the newly introduced younger generation of press and industry members as well.

We also have with a lot of musicians — such a nice surprise! People from the recording industry, a famous Greek singer, a Hungarian pianist.

The show went by quickly. Covid was also at work — but, luckily, there were none seriously ill; just some that had delayed their trip home.

We have continued traveling to Australia and Singapore to introduce new products and revisit our dear personal contacts.

The HiFi Show in Melbourne, dealer events, team training, and a presentation for VIP customers in Singapore — after more than three weeks, we flew to Schiphol. We were tired but satisfied. 

We experienced a new, promising trend. Not only at the HIGH-END Show in Munich but everywhere.

Young people, women, and children!

Enthusiastic, curious, and listening intently, from sales teams to press, from kids having music lessons to young couples starting up with their first HiFi system. 

It is heartwarming and promising for the future. HiFi is the bridge between live music and the living rooms of many people worldwide, young and old, all the same. For families, musicians, and, of course, traditional audio lovers.

Artist/ Singer Apostolia Zoi (Anquan AV Greece)

AV Intelligence (Singapore Event)

Gabi Rynveld with Karma and John Ong from Sound Gallery Australia

Written by:
Gabi Rynveld

Professional concert pianist. Founder of Crystal Cable (2004). Sales, Marketing & PR for International Audio Holding (the Dutch company behind Siltech and Crystal Cable).

Gabi Rynveld's musical background, industry-wide network, and long history with our award-winning brands make her an ideal face and voice to our partners, media, and customers, providing valuable insights wearing her personal touch.

In addition to performing in key roles with IAH, Gabi graciously transfers exactly that musical connection to all of you through personal communication, blogs, playlists, and videos.

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