About us

CrystalConnect high-fidelity audio products strive to connect you with music. To show you the art behind the science, providing intense enjoyment where music is inspired, created, recorded, and listened to. Our ultimate goal is to reveal the virtuosity on the instruments, the subtleties of the performance, and above all, the emotions of the artist in making music, elements that can sometimes be lost in a purely technical approach. CrystalConnect products enable you to experience the performance as the artist intended it to be heard, virtually placing you right into that performance. Pure, without colora time machine for music lovers around the world that brings the vision of an artist to life before your eyes.

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The video below explains more about Crystal Cable. In it, CEO Robert Winterhoff, technical director Edwin Rynveld, and director of operations Viktor de Leeuw talk about the brand and the technologies and processes that enable us to make the thinnest high-end audio cables on the market. You will also hear about other products like the highly acclaimed Arabesque, Arabesque Mini, and Minissimo speakers as well as the CCI amplifier. 

Crystal Cable company video "Deep Inside Crystal Cable" made by Soundstage