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Micro Diamond Series

The Micro Diamond might not look much thicker than the Piccolo but appearances can be deceptive. The same minimalist construction, combining superb RFI and EMI shielding with the least possible insulation material conceals a central core that reduces resistance and micro-distortion, further increases mechanical integrity to help combat storage losses, while also increasing surface area for improved high frequency performance. The result is greater bass extension and weight, delivering improved musical substance and presence, while increased resolution, spatial definition, instrumental harmonics and air all add to the musical experience. Like all Crystal Cables, your investment is guaranteed by individual serialization and certification.

Available cable types are: Interconnect, AES/EBU and S/PDIF Digital Interconnect, Speaker and Power cables.Available connectors are: RCA, XLR, Mini Jack, 5-pin tonearm, BNC, Spade, Banana and AC Power (EUR/US/UK)

Micro Diamond Interconnect cables Micro Diamond Speaker cables Micro Diamond Power cables


2014 TAS Editors' Choice awards Micro Diamond
2008 Audio Ideas Guide
2006 Soundstage.com
2005 Micro_6moons.com


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